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Infografía diseñada para Keyence a través de Visually. Dar a conocer los procesos y productos de una empresa a veces se torna complicado, Keyence tenía el reto de hacerlo de manera simple y eficaz, por ello busco desarrollar una infografía donde se mostrara su cataloga de productos de una manera sencilla.

Infographic: Company Keyence

Tip Tapp / Digital Invaders Webscout

Interactive scroll infographic to smartphones as final project in the course of digital creative of school Digital Invaders. “Tip Tapp” in a campaign that  seeks to position and incrase the download of the app “Primeros Auxilios” of Cruz Roja Mexicana.

For each travel that an ambulance try to arrive to an emergency place, this spends approximately $ 1000.  If we make this context, when you download the app you are support to the Cruz Roja, because is better how to act in risk situations.



Contribute with small actions it make feels good, this is the insight that gives direction to the campaign. The idea it was thinking to see on smartphones and be an invitation to the download of app.

You can visit the infographic from your smartphone in this link











The project was development by:

Carlos Mariano Manzanares – Copy / Video Edition / Creative
Héctor Aníbal Aripez Amador – Social Media / Motion graphics / Creative
Apolinar Ríos – Art Direction / Front end animation / Creative